Stainless steel wire belts are a standard component of Cyclotron's paper band filter systems. When replacement becomes necessary, Cyclotron Products can supply either the materials to repair the original wire belt or an entirely new wire belt sized to your system ready to install. Consult your system's manual to determine which size replacement wire belt is appropriate. If system manual is unavailable, using the following methods will assist us in determining the proper size replacement belt:

  • Provide the system serial number (see FAQ)
  • Provide the measurements of
    1. the outside width of the filter frame and
    2. the length of one of the frame rails
Part #Description Side curtain (ft)Center belt (ft)Center belt PNAttachment Wires
CYCBM158 Wirebelt Assembly CTPF15147P28-03142
CYCBM159 Wirebelt Assembly CTPF3024.6612.33P28-03172
CYCBM161 Wirebelt Assembly CTPF5024.6612.33P28-03272
CYCBM167 Wirebelt Assembly CTPF703417P28-032136
CYCBM298 Wirebelt Assembly CTPF90 Extended4321P28-032172
P28-030 5" Side CurtainN/AN/AN/AN/A
P28-031 Center Belt 16-5/8"N/AN/AN/AN/A
P28-032 Center Belt 29-5/8"N/AN/AN/AN/A
P28-039 Side Curtain Attachment WireN/AN/AN/AN/A