Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are the perfect choice for many industrial filtration requirements.

Our pleated filter cartridges contain premium phenolic impregnated cellulosic filter media providing long service life, high flow rates and low pressure drops. Pleated cartridges are available in a range of micron pore sizes (0.5 to 30), outside diameters and lengths.

Wound filter cartridges are suitable for lower flow rates and can filter many different fluids, air or gas efficiently depending on the cartridge material. Wound cartridges are available in eight different materials as well as a range of micron sizes (0.5 to 150), outside diameters and lengths. Contact Cyclotron Products for additional filter cartridge options.

Part #Description TypeOD (in)Length (in)Micron Rating
P28-021 Filter Cartridge, 18" Pleated 10 MicPleated71810
P28-021-1 Filter Cartridge, 18" Pleated 60 MicPleated71860
P28-021-2 Filter Cartridge, 20" Wound 5 MicWound2.5205
P28-021-31 Filter Cartridge, 36" Pleated with viton gasket 5 MicPleated w/viton gasket7365
P28-021-5 Filter Cartridge, 30" Wound 5 MicWound2.5305