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Pressure Filter System

Pressure Filter System
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Pressure Filter System
Pressure Filter System
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Pressure Filter System

A premier aerospace supply plant located in the US recently purchased Cyclotron model CTPR4-250 pressure filter system for their globally focused aluminum operations. The CTPR4-250 is a fully automatic self-cleaning filtration system that can clean coolant to better than 10 microns without degrading the coolant. Coolant enters the main reservoir from the roll grinder. A large centrifugal pump picks up the coolant along with the fines and pumps them into a pressure chamber which is monitored with a sensitive pressure switch. When the switch is triggered, the system goes into a cleaning cycle: the pump stops, air is blown into the chamber causing the cake to dry, air gets shut off after a set time and finally the chamber doors open. After the doors are cleared, a media drive motor is started which pulls the media and cake out of the chamber to be separated - the cake gets discharged into a cart and the media is rolled onto a take-up roll. Once there is clean media in the chamber, the doors close and the pump starts up again continuing the process. During the cleaning cycle, coolant along with fines continue to discharge into the reservoir – allowing the customer’s process to remain uninterrupted.

Being a very large plant, our customer selected this system for three primary reasons:

  • Minimal maintenance. Since this system is fully automatic, no operator is needed to monitor its activity thereby allowing staff to focus on other mission critical processes.
  • Filter system needed to fit an existing footprint. Our system was specifically designed to fit an existing footprint without requiring additional alterations to connect to their grinder.
  • Proven track record with this particular system. This unit represents the fourth installation of CTPR4-250 for our customer whose original pressure filter system, which is still in operation, dates to 1986.

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Product Description Pressure Filter System, Model CTPF4-250
System Capabilities 60 GPM
Reservoir Size 250 gallons
Media Roll 12.5” wide x 250 yards long
Media Rewound Separates media from swarf cake
Swarf Capacity Dry 1.5" thick – 48" x 12"
Fully Adjustable Can modify cycles to fit process needs
Resulting Coolant Cleanliness 10 microns or better
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