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Custom Paperless Filters

Custom Paperless Filters
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Custom Paperless Filters

Our paperless filtration systems, also known as cyclonic systems, can filter ferrous, non-ferrous, non-metallic and other particles as small as 7 microns from water-based liquids and light mineral oils. We use long-lasting ceramic cyclone nozzles on our systems which will accommodate flow rates ranging from 20 to 240 gpm.  Our clean coolant supply accommodates pressures up to 1000 psi.  All of our cyclonic systems come  with standard manifolds, electric controls, tanks, covers, cyclone pumps, and coolant supply pumps. Options include chillers, magnetic separators, mechanical conveyors, and bag and cartridge filters. For more information, please see below.

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Paperless Filter and Hydrocylone Specifications

Model CT
Function Paperless Filtration
Standard Components Manifolds
Electric Controls
Cyclone Pump
Coolant Supply Pumps
Options Chiller
Magnetic Separator
Mechanical Conveyors
Bag Filters
Cartridge Filters
Liquid Water-Base
Light Mineral Oil
Swarf Material Ferrous
Flow Rate 20 to 240 gpm
Pressure 20 to 1000 psi
Reservoir Capacity 100 to 1000 gallons
Particle Size Down to 7 microns, dependent upon specific gravity of material
Inlet Height 15 to 36 in
380 to 910 mm
Cyclone Pump Horsepower 1.5 to 15 hp
Clean Coolant Pump Horsepower .75 to 25 hp
Number of Cyclones in System 1 to 20
Nozzle Material Ceramic
Piping Material Schedule 40 Black Iron
Sheet Metal Material Hot Rolled Steel
Sheet Metal Thickness 11 ga to .25 in
Screened Inlet Perforated Steel
.125 in Diameter Holes
Optional Relief Valve Stainless Steel Piston
Cast Iron Housing
Inlet Gages 0 to 60 psi
Outlet Gages 0 to 30 psi
Cyclone Pump Cast Iron
Centrifugal Impeller
Electric Motor TEFC
230/460 VAC
3 Phase
60 Hz
Electrical Controls NEMA 12 Enclosure
IEC Starters
Start and Stop Buttons
Indicator Lights
115 Volt Single Phase Control Circuit
Fused Disconnect Switch
Length 3 to 8 ft
Width 3 to 8 ft
Height 3 to 8 ft
Painting 2 Part
Epoxy Primer
Finish Coat
Any Color
Production Volume 1 to multiple
Typical Lead Time 6 to 10 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus Machine Tool Builders
Job Shops
Metal Working
Intended Application Removing Contaminates from Machine Tool Fluids
File Formats AutoCAD


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