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Cyclonic Filtration System

Cyclonic Filtration System
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Cyclonic Filtration System

A manufacturer of large transmissions for industrial and marine applications had several issues with their process for grinding very large multiple diameter shafts. At least 4 transmission shafts were being scrapped every shift due to the shafts being out of tolerance or gouged. Three problem areas were identified:

  • Poor filtration allowed grinding fines and abrasives to return to the grinding wheel creating the gouges in the finished surfaces.
  • Temperature variations of nearly 20 degrees were occurring. These swings in temperature made it difficult to hold tight tolerances on the different diameters of the shafts. Constant monitoring of the process was necessary with the operators having to make manual adjustments to the grinding cycles to try to keep the shafts within tolerance.
  • The reservoir was filling up with fines where the clean coolant was supposed to supply the grinding wheel. Every month the tank had to be cleaned and refilled with new coolant.

Cyclotron Products was consulted in order to resolve these issues. Our model CT60-300CH cyclonic filtration system was the solution. This system can supply up to 40 GPM clean coolant, and has a larger reservoir which holds 300 gallons. We also incorporated a drop in style chiller that maintains the coolant temperature at 72F +/- 3F. Coolant cleanliness of 7 microns can now be achieved without the use of any disposable media. After a few weeks with this new system in place, our customer was pleased to report that zero parts had been scrapped and that they plan to order another filter like this one in the very near future for a similar machine doing smaller shafts.

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Highlights for this Custom Cyclonic Filtration System:

Product DescriptionCyclonic Filtration System, Model CT60-300CH
System Capabilities40 GPM clean coolant
Reservoir Size300 gallons
Chillerdrop in style
Coolant Temperature72F +/- 3F
Resulting Coolant Cleanliness7 microns
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